Stained Glass (PRIVATE)

by Kelly Jimenez & Alejandro Franco

Bellow we will present you with some projects that we have carried out during the last two years since we started  making glass art out of single-use plastic.

Our first attempt at creating these works we went for recreating scenes of nature overtaking human infrastructure. These scenarios were based in a hypothetical scenario, of a mass human extinction. We called that series Whitering Away.

Ferris Wheel 2019, Single-use plastic on paper and acrylic paint, 4 x 8 feet
Empire waste, single-use plastic on paper 25" x 32" 2019

These works were made for a solo exhibition. We thought about the idea of portraying our planet in its most physical aspect to contrasted with the  state of decay of the space. 

Political World Map, Single-used plastic on paper framed in a Lightbox 36" x 55" 2019
Throwaway World, Single-used plastic on Paper 30" x 30" 2019
Plastic Distribution, single-use plastic on paper on wooden light box 36" x 55" 2019

This monumental poster inspired in the work of John Audubon, was created to be display in the lobby of a hotel. 

Our intention was best described by Vanessa Rudloff.

“The lives of Jimenez and Franco mirror those of the migrant birds they have exalted to larger than life. As Colombian immigrants, they lived in Florida for many years only to continue to migrate to the Midwest looking for a different set of resources like birds traveling across the world with an equivalent search. 

It is in resources that their work most strongly speaks to the viewer. Each piece is constructed from cardboard and single-use plastics to spotlight the anthropogenic effects on the earth and it’s wildlife. Like birds gathering what they find around them, Jimenez and Franco use what is most abundantly available in our modern world”.  
Seres Transitorios, Single-use plastic on paper mounted on cardboard and acrylic paint. 12 x 8 feet 2020
Red Crowned Crane
Western Tanager

By spending all this time and effort to recover an undervalued material through labor, we hope to make an allegory of the effort we need to make to preserve a healthy ecosystem, one where we can feel hopeful and proud, an essential desire so often taken for granted

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